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$ 449.95 each

The CD-45II handles 8.5 sq. feet mounted inside a tower, or 5 sq. ft. with mast adapter. Low temperature grease good to -30 F degrees. Bell rotator design gives total weather protection, dual 24 ball bearing races gives proven support.

Die cast ring gear, stamped steel gear drive, heavy duty, trouble free gear train. North center scale, dual lighted directional meter indicator, 8-pin plug/socket on control unit, snap-action control switches. Low voltage control. Safe operation, takes masts to 2 1/16". MSLD light duty lower mast support adapter included. Power requirements: 110V 60Hz.

CD-45II Rotator Specifications
Wind Load Capacity (inside tower)
8.5 square feet
Wind Load Capacity (with mast adapter)5.0 square feet
Turning Power600 pounds
Brake Power800 pounds
Brake Construction
Disc Brake

Bearing Assembly
Dual race/48 ball bearings
Mounting HardwarePlate clamps/Steel U-Bolts

Control Cable Conductors
Shipping Weight22 pounds
Effective Moment (in tower) 1200 ft/lbs.


$ 649.95 each
HAM-IV is the most popular rotator in the world ! It’s solidly constructed, has been time-tested and proven for over twenty years.

HAM-IV is for medium communications arrays up to 15 square feet wind load area (7.5 sq. ft. with mast adapter). It has 800 inches-lbs. turning power and 5000 inches-lbs. brake power.

Automatic 5-second brake delay insures that the rotator is fully stopped before the brake is engaged. No more accidentally engaging the brake while the rotator is in movement.

New Test/Calibrate function. New low temperature grease permits normal operation down to -30°F. New alloy ring gear gives extra strength to 100,000 PSI for maximum reliability.

New indicator potentiometer has been improved for greater reliability. Silver-plated relay contact point makes for smooth traveling and more reliable contact between pot strip and wiper arm - gives years longer life span on these important, internal components.

Detachable 8 pin latching Cinch connectors make easy removal at rotator and 8 pin plug at controller. Dual 98 ball bearing race for load bearing strength and electric locking steel wedge brake prevents wind induced antenna movement. North or South center of rotation scale on meter, low voltage control, max mast size 2 1/16”.110 VAC.

Order HAM-IVX for 220 VAC operation. Optional lower mast support, MSHD

HAM-IV Rotator Specifications
Wind Load Capacity (inside tower)15 square feet
Wind Load (w/ Mast Adapter)7.5 square feet
Turning Power 800 pounds
Brake Power5000 pounds
Brake ConstructionElectric Wedge
Bearing AssemblyDual race/96 ball bearings
Mounting HardwareClamp Plates/Steel U-Bolts
Control Cable Conductors8
Shipping Weight24 pounds
Effective Movement (in tower) 2800 ft/lbs.

HF VERTICAL, 8 BANDS-40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 M

$ 449.95 each

Hy-Gains new AV-640 Patriot HF vertical is the best built, best performing and best priced multiband vertical available today. Make full use of your sunspot cycle with the Patriots low angle signal. The AV-640 uses quarter wave stubs on 6, 10, 12, and 17 meters and efficient end loading coil and capacity hats on 15, 20, 30, 40 meters. Instead of typical lossy can traps, the AV-640 resonators are placed in parallel not in series. End loading of the lower HF bands allows efficient operation with a manageable antenna height.

  • No Ground or Radials Needed
    • Effective counterpoise replaces radials
    • End fed with broadband matching unit

  • Automatic Bandswitching
    • Single coax cable feed

    • Each band is individually tunable
    • Wide VSWR bandwidth

  • Sleek and low-profile
    • Low wind surface area

    • Small area required for mounting
    • Mounts easily on decks, roofs, and patios
  • Built to Last
    • High wind survival

    • Matching unit made from all Teflon(R) insulated wire
  • Hy-Gain Warranty
    • Two year limited warranty
    • All replacement parts in stock

AV-640 Specifications
Bands Covered: 6, 10, 15, 17, 20, 30, and 40 Meters
2:1 VSWR Bandwidth
40 Meter: 150 KHz
30 Meter: 175 KHz

20 Meter:
500 KHz
17 Meter:500 KHz
15 Meter:
500 KHz
12 Meter:500 KHz
10 Meter: 1500 KHz

6 Meter:
1500 KHz
VSWR at resonance (typical):
Power Handling (Watts output):
key down 2 minutes
Vertical Radiation Angle:17 degrees
Horizontal Radiation Angle:360 degrees
Height:25.5 feet
Weight:10.5 pounds
Wind surface area:2.5 square feet
Wind Survival:
80 MPH


$ 149.95 each
This fantastic true full-size 5/8 Wave 10 / 12 Meter vertical antenna from Hy-Gain was a legend in the 70’s . . . now it’s back to prove its legendary status once again!

A Full-size radiator with lower radiation angle concentrates power closer to the ground, where you want it. Measures 22 foot, 9.5 inches. Larger diameter, heavy wall ply-tubular construction makes the new Super-Penetrator™ the absolute top omnidirectional antenna around! Four full-length radials and special machine-formed brackets give extra talk-power and overall strength.

Electrical performance has been increased to a new standard by the use of a longer radiator and double-matching tuning with linear phasing techniques that provide low SWR and more radiated energy. The double-matching also provides a DC path to ground to drain off precipitation static, giving an extremely low noise antenna capable of high power.

SPT-500 is specifically designed to accept AM-FM-SSB-DSB signals with low loss. Handles 1.5 killowatts. This antenna is illegal for 11 Meters use.

SPT-500 Antenna Specifications
Gain (dB)5.3 dB
SWR (at resonance)Less than 1.2:1
Nominal input impedance52 Ohms
Lightning ProtectionDC Ground
HeightTwenty-two feet, six inches
Radial LengthEight feet nine inches
Wind (Survival)80 MPH
Accepted mast size1 ¼” to 1 ⅝” OD


$ 79.95 each
A unique design allows this tilt base to fit most vertical antennas with or without a base bracket. Pre-punched hole makes it easy to mount many different type of verticals. Fits Hygain’s AV-18VS, AV-14VS, AV-18AVQII, AV-620, AV-640, AV-6160, MFJ-1796, MFJ-1798, MFJ-2990 and others with tube bases or mast pipes up to 2 ¼” OD. Mount one side of the tilt base to the mast and the other to the antenna base. No climbing a ladder - raise your antenna up/down easily before severe weather by yourself - just walk it up or walk it down. Ground radial holes also provided. ⅛” thick aluminum. Includes (2) 2 ¼” U-bolts, mast saddles and stainless steel nuts/bolts.


$ 899.95 each
T2X Tailtwister Series II
for large medium antenna arrays up to 20 square foot wind load

The T-2XD2 includes the DCU-2 Digital Automatic Controller and is intended for use with 120V power.

The Tailtwister is one of the most popular rotators in the Hygain product line. It has been the standard to what competing rotators try to match up to for well over years.

The T2X Tailtwister Series II Rotator is for large medium antenna arrays up to 20 square foot wind load. Its wind load with mast adapter is 10 square feet. It has 1000 inches-pounds in turning power and 9000 inches-pounds in brake power. The effective movement in the tower is 3400 feet-pounds.

A new automatic 5-second brake delay insures that the rotator is fully stopped before the brake is engaged. No more accidentally engaging the brake while the rotator is in movement. T2X features a new low temperature grease which permits normal operation to -3O° F. New alloy ring gear has tensile strength of 100,000 psi for max reliability.

The indicator potentiometer has been improved for greater reliability. A silver-plated relay contact point makes for smooth traveling and more reliable contact between the pot strip and wiper arm gives years longer life on these important, internal components.

New water-tight AMP detachable twist-and-lock connectors at the rotator base and an 8-pin plug at the control box make it easy to hook up. Rotator has a triple bearing race with 138 ball bearings for large load bearing strength. Electric locking steel wedge brake prevents wind induced antenna movement.

The control box features a North or South center of rotation scale on meter and low voltage control for safe operation.

Clamp plate and stainless steel mounting hardware is included for a up to a 2 1/16 inch mast.

T-2X Rotator Specifications
Wind Load Capacity
(inside tower)
20 square feet
Wind Load
(w/ Mast Adapter)
10 square feet
Turning Power1000 pounds
Brake Power9000 pounds
Brake ConstructionElectric Wedge
Bearing AssemblyDual race/138 ball bearings
Mounting HardwareClamp Plates/Steel U-Bolts
Control Cable Conductors8
Shipping Weight28 pounds
Effective Movement
(in tower)
3400 ft/lbs.

T2X Tailtwister Series II Variations
base model onlyT-2XT-2XX
DCU-1 includedT-2XDT-2XDX
DCU-2 includedT-2XD2T-2XD2X


$ 749.95 each
The HAM-VI is similar to the HAM-IV and the HAM-V, but it uses the DCU-2 auto controller.

Uses 110 VAC. Order the HAM-VIX for 220 VAC operation.


$ 2095.95 each
Azimuth-Elevation Rotators

super heavy-duty Azimuth-Elevation Rotators

Includes RAS-2C Controller.

RAS-1 SpecsRAS-1 @ 12 VRAS-1 @ 18 VRAS-1 @ 24 V
Wind Load AreaApprox. 30 square feetApprox. 30 square feetApprox. 30 square feet
Turning Torque in-lbs1400 in-lbs.1800 in-lbs.3240 in-lbs.
Brake Torque, in-lbs.14,000 in-lbs14,000 in-lbs14,000 in-lbs
Brake ConstructionDouble Worm GearsDouble Worm GearsDouble Worm Gears
Vertical Load550 lbs.550 lbs.550 lbs.
Rotation Speed (360 degrees)120 Seconds90 Seconds60 Seconds
Precision, Rotator Weight1 degree, 29 lbs.1 degree, 29 lbs.1 degree, 29 lbs.
Rotation Range (Azi/Elev.)360/180 degrees360/180 degrees360/180 degrees
Position SensorReed SwitchReed SwitchReed Switch
Mast size Bottom/Elevation2.6 bottom/2.0 elevation2.6 bottom/2.0 elevation2.6 bottom/2.0 elevation


$ 1099.95 each
*Plate adapter and mouse not included.

These new Hy-Gain Rotators feature . . . Super strong Double Worm Gear Drive, Self-Braking design, Extremely Quiet Motors, One Degree Position Resolution, Automatic Digital Controller . . .

The RAK Rotators are designed with a simple double worm gear drive that results in a super-strong and yet simple and ultra-reliable rotator system.

It can handle 550 pounds of vertical load. Turning is smooth, precise and extremely quiet. RAK Rotators come complete with an automatic digital controller.

The RAK-C1 controller has one degree resolution and a large easy-to-read digital readout. A computer serial RS-232 interface is available. Works with many computer programs.

RAK Rotators are designed for simple mounting. Pipe mast mount on both ends (which allows coax cable to pass through the center of the rotator) prevents cable tangling and damage. An optional adaptor is available for plate mounting.

RAK Rotators operate from a voltage range of 12 Volts to 24 Volts AC or DC. The higher the voltage the higher your torque and the higher your turning speed will be -- a unique RAK feature.

Low-voltage, high torque DC gear motor has a rotating speed of 60 seconds (360 degrees) with 24 Volts on the motor.

It’s quiet and powerful with self-braking action and double worm gear drive.

RAK and Big RAK heavy-duty Azimuth Rotators are constructed with 3/16 thick wall steel pipe and real steel housing.

RAK rotators use a sealed reed switch sensor technology for reliable all-weather operation. Gives you super tight tolerances with minimal play.


$ 399.95 each
The DCU-2 advanced digital controller can be used with any HAM’s or Tailtwister rotators. Large, graphic LCD screen (1 38" W x 2 58" H) with large bright numbers and letters on an easy-to-the-eye blue background blends in with most modern stations. LCD displays rotator heading, external controller heading and even your callsign. DCU-2 has automatic or manual control. Dial in your heading with the internal control and press “Rotate”, the antenna will automatically rotate to your direction. Headings are in one degree increments. Left/right buttons allow manual control.

More Advanced features:
AutoBrake Release-- No need to remember to release brake or release too soon -- release time is automatic, settable 0-8 seconds.

Coast feature allows for mass of the antenna to come to a stop in the right direction before the brake locks everything down. Coast delay cuts off the motor before reaching the selection -- reduces overshoot due to antenna mass.

Auto jogs make sure that the antenna is unlocked and free before turning begins. It’s most helpful for older rotators with “sticky brakes”, auto control will jog the rotator backwards slightly before going in the proper direction, insuring that brake pressure is eased up enough to release. Fine beam heading touch-up is quick-and-easy with manual keys -- no worrying about the brake.

Offset feature allows display reset to indicate actual heading. Adjustable sleep mode 0-255 minutes.

USB/RS232 ports allow computer-control of DCU-2. Ham Radio Deluxe, other compatibles.

Field upgradeable firmware.

8.5"W x 4.3"H x 9"D.

Requires 110V. See the DCU-2X for 220 VAC operation.


$ 449.95 each
DCU-3 Programmable Rotator Controller

6 Programmable memories; Point & shoot and manual control!

DCU-3 Digital Controllers feature six presets for beam headings, 1 degree accuracy and gives you fully automatic or manual control of your HAM or Tailtwister Rotators.Dial in your beam heading and press the rotate button or let Ham Radio Deluxe (or other) control your DCU-3. Your antenna automatically rotates to desired direction precisely and safely. First,DCU-3 makes sure your antenna is free and safely unlocked before turning begins and then turns off
your motor before your antenna reaches its finaldestination. Your antenna gently coasts to a stop before the brake locks. Greatly reduces potentially damaging overshoot. Fine tuning and full manual control is effortless with automated Left and Right direction buttons - - no more worrying about manually releasing and relocking thebrake. Brake automatically releases before fine tuning begins and relocks after fine tuning is completed. Bright blue LCD displays actual, dial-in beam, and computer controlled beam headings in one degree increments and your call sign. AutoBrake Release - no need to remember to release brake or release too soon release time is automatic 0-8 seconds.

Coast feature allows antenna to gently stop be-fore brake locks. Adjustable coast delay (0-10 degrees) turns off motor before antenna reaches its final destination to reduce potentially damaging overshoot. AutoJog unlocks and frees antenna before turning -- great for older rotators with "sticky" brakes. It jogs rotator backwards slightly to ease brake pressure enough to release. Offset feature allows you to calibrate display to show actual beam heading.

USB/RS-232 ports.

Adjustable LCD sleep time.

Field upgradeable.

8.5W x 4.3H x 9D inches

110 VAC.

DCU-3X for the 220 VAC version

9-BAND HF VERT ANT, 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6M

$ 549.95 each

Multi-Band PATRIOT Vertical Antennas

9-band vertical covers 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 Meters

• No radials • No traps • No ground • No tuning • Handles 1500 Watts

hy-gain’s PATRIOT HF vertical antennas are the best built, best performing and best priced multiband verticals on the market today. Make full use of your sunspot cycle with PATRIOT’slow angle signal.

Instead of typical traps, hy-gain’s resonators are placed in parallel not in series. End loading of the lower HF bands allows efficient operation with a manageable antenna height.

Introducing the new Hy-Gain PATRIOT-PLUS AV-680 with a fully tunable 3.5-4.0 MHz coverage!

With the AV-680, you get the same great traditional performance of the AV-640 on 6 through 40 Meters plus top-to-bottom capability on 80 and 75 Meters.

It`s a great way to join new local nets and roundtables, explore the 75-Meter DX window, or add exciting digital frequencies to your operating repertoire.

Simply pick the band segment you wish to use, set the 80/75 Meter resonator, and you`re in business.

• No ground orradials needed -- Effective counterpoise replaces radials, end fed with broadband matching unit.
• Automatic bandswitching -- Single coax cable feed, each band is individually tunable, wide VSWR bandwidth.
• Sleek and low-profile -- Low wind surface area, small area required for mounting, mounts easily on decks, roofs and patios.
• Built-to-last -- Hy-gain’sPatriot series antennas boast ahigh wind survival due to its sleek, but sturdy frame. The matching unit is made from all Teflon
insulated wire.
• Top Loading: Parallel resonators -- best vertical-element efficiency
• Full ground independence: No unsightly wire add-on radials
• Top-to-bottom 3.5 to 4.0 MHz coverage: Pin-point fine-tuning accuracy for rock-bottom SWR on any frequency you choose.
• Single coax feed . . . and with 100% automatic band selection!
• Low profile: Most compact ground-independent antenna available!
• Legal-limit 1500-Watt PEP: Power handling on SSB and CW*

Adding 75/80 Meter coverage without compromising the Patriot`s classic performance, ground independence, and tiny footprint was no small task. Yet, the AV-680 size, weight, and wind loading are nearly identical to the AV-640 with no unsightly radial extensions, traps, or top heavy vertical structures to render it less attractive or unsafe.

Band selection remains fully automatic, all components handle maximum legal power, and you won`t need a tuner with your solid-state rig.

The AV-680`s Expanded-Frequency MatchboxTM circuit ensures low SWR readings on every band, along with an upgraded balun design that concentrates all of your power in the antenna where it belongs!

If space is a premium at your QTH and appearance matters, let Hy-Gain open the door to one of ham radio`s most attractive and popular bands with the new AV-680. This is your best choice for unparalleled versatility and band coverage from 6-80 Meters!

YAESU ROTATOR CNTR, G800/1000/2800/450/650, 110VAC

$ 329.95 each
Replacement Yaesu Rotator Controller

YRC-1 Digital Controller costs less and offers more features than your factory original. Has all features of DCU-2, including USB port for remote control, Graphic LCD screen with large numbers/letters, user-programmable callsign, 9/16” antenna direction display. Other displays include dial-in GOTO beam heading, rotor heading, error messages, compass and more. Built-in AC/DC power supplies for AC or DC rotor motor. Compatible with Yaesu G-800/1000/2800 or G450/650.

6 1/4W x 4H x 7D”. 110 VAC.


$ 24.95 each
Six Foot Galvanized Mounting Pipe

2 inches OD, 16 gauge Galvanized Steel Mast Pipe. Use for ground mount pipe or rotator mast.


$ 39.95 each
Pipe-to-Pipe Mast Mount Kit

Heavy Duty extruded-aluminum clamp assembly with 5/16x6” SS bolts secures tubing either in-line or at 90-degrees. Support large Yagis without drilling the boom, attach masts to railings, extend support tubes, or add cross-sections to verticals for extra bands.

Includes eight clamps and stainless steel hardware. Fits mast pipe 1” to 2 in. Max combined pipe size 4”. Hold up to 10 lbs., 5 ft. from center.

$39.95 each

$749.95 each

$649.95 each

$429.95 each

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