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HF VERTICAL, 8 BANDS-40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 M

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$ 499.95 Each

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Hy-Gains new AV-640 Patriot HF vertical is the best built, best performing and best priced multiband vertical available today. Make full use of your sunspot cycle with the Patriots low angle signal. The AV-640 uses quarter wave stubs on 6, 10, 12, and 17 meters and efficient end loading coil and capacity hats on 15, 20, 30, 40 meters. Instead of typical lossy can traps, the AV-640 resonators are placed in parallel not in series. End loading of the lower HF bands allows efficient operation with a manageable antenna height.

  • No Ground or Radials Needed
    • Effective counterpoise replaces radials
    • End fed with broadband matching unit

  • Automatic Bandswitching
    • Single coax cable feed

    • Each band is individually tunable
    • Wide VSWR bandwidth

  • Sleek and low-profile
    • Low wind surface area

    • Small area required for mounting
    • Mounts easily on decks, roofs, and patios
  • Built to Last
    • High wind survival

    • Matching unit made from all Teflon(R) insulated wire
  • Hy-Gain Warranty
    • Two year limited warranty
    • All replacement parts in stock

AV-640 Specifications
Bands Covered: 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, and 40 Meters
2:1 VSWR Bandwidth
40 Meter: 150 KHz
30 Meter: 175 KHz

20 Meter:
500 KHz
17 Meter:500 KHz
15 Meter:
500 KHz
12 Meter:500 KHz
10 Meter: 1500 KHz

6 Meter:
1500 KHz
VSWR at resonance (typical):
Power Handling (Watts output):
key down 2 minutes
Vertical Radiation Angle:17 degrees
Horizontal Radiation Angle:360 degrees
Height:25.5 feet
Weight:10.5 pounds
Wind surface area:2.5 square feet
Wind Survival:
80 MPH

Item IDDescriptionPrice
013209IT, UBOL, 3/8-16X 4X2-7/8, SS, CUS5.80
10-AV620-4SA, 1:4 BALUN, AV620/64036.88
10-AV620-5SA, 1:1 BALUN, AV620/64032.47
11-AV620-1SA, WIRE/LUG JUMPER, AV620/640/6801.73
11-AV640-1SA, COIL ASSEMBLY, L1, AV640151.16
13-AV620-4ASA, TWISTED WIRE PAIR, BK/WH, 620/64013.08
17-AV640-1SA, PARTS BAG, #1, PB1, AV64038.87
17-AV640-10SA, SPOKE BUNDEL, AV64015.91
17-AV640-2SA, PARTS BAG, #2, PB2, AV64042.11
17-AV640-3SA, PARTS BAG, #3, PB3, AV64028.44
17-AV640-4MANUAL PACK, AV640, IM3.06
17-AV640-9SA, SMALL TUBE BUNDLE, AV640132.52
170035IT, V-BLOCK, AL CAST MAST CLAMP, RP:1957264.95
200-0056-15CCAPACITOR, DISC, 15KV, NPO, 56PF (EGE)BLUE1.51
401-4100-2CHOKE, 100 UH, 2A3.08
420-4338TOROID, FERRITE, #43, 2.5OD, AV68011.69
420-6138IT,TOROID, FERRITE, #61, 2.5OD (722461),(350866)10.23
50-AV620-1SA, PCB, AV620/640 MATCHING NW108.22
543792SU-BOLT, 5/16-18, 1-5/8 X 2-1/4, SS2.88
5556943/8 16 HEX FULL REG NUT 18 8SS0.32
5557475/16 18 FIN HEX FULL NUT SS, (555747)0.20
561016WASHER, LOCK, 3/8, SPLIT, SS0.16
561178WASHER, LOCK, #10, SPLIT, SS 711-1037S-SL0.10
564792WASHER, LOCK, SPLIT, 5/16, SS 711-3144S-SL0.89
656-0375SSCREW, PHMS, 6-32 X 3/8,SS (107632061),(501118)0.10
656-0500S6-32X1/2 PHMS,SS, (506650)0.10
656-0750SSCREW, PHMS, 6-32X3/4, SS0.10
656-1250SSCREW, PHMS, 6-32X1-1/4, SS0.12
656-1500SSCREW, PHMS, 6-32X1-1/2, SS0.14
656-1750SSCREW, PHMS, 6-32X1-3/4 SS0.15
660-0375SSCREW, PHMS, 10-32 X 3/8, SS0.11
660-1500-XBSTUB, THREADED, 10-32 X 1-1/2,BRASS(RPL810-0620-161.26
662-2000S-HH1/4-20 X 2 HHCS SS (505737)0.69
705-0632SNUT, HEX, 6-32, SS0.10
705-0632S-KNUT, HEX, 6-32 KEP, SS0.13
705-0632S-NLNUT, HEX, LOCK, 6-32, SS0.10
705-1032SNUT, HEX, 10-32, SS0.10
705-1032S-NLNUT, HEX, 10-32, NYLON LOCK, SS0.14
705-2520S-NLNUT, HEX, 1/4-20, NYLON LOCK, SS0.23
710-0643SWASHER, MACHINE, #6X.44X.043TH, SS0.10
711-0627S-SLWASHER, LOCK, SPLIT, #6, SS (565889)0.10
720-3067LUG, RING, #6, 22-18 GA WIRE, N-INS, (677605)0.12
720C-0621LUG, SOLDER, ANGLE, PLAIN, #6, 41/64,TIN,50220050.64
735-0680PLATE, BASE MOUNTING, AV620/640/6809.95
735-1009BRACKET, L, AV620/640, BRASS, TIN PLT0.81
735-1015BRACKET, L, 1.562X.37, 620/640, XFER FROM MFJ0.95
735-1610BRACKET, AL, RADIATOR CLAMP, 620/6402.84
735-1612LBRACKET, LOWER, AV620/640 MATCHING2.06
735-1612UBRACKET, UPPER, AV620/640 MATCHING1.52
735-1618BRACKET, AL, COIL MOUNTING, 1798/AV620/6400.60
737-1640LSTRAP, AL, COIL, LOWER CONN., AV620/6400.80
737-1640USTRAP, AL, COIL, UPPER, CON., AV620/640/6800.80
737-1641STRAP, AL, COIL TIE, AV620/6402.00
737-8100INSULATOR, SINGLE STUB AV640 (735-8100)1.12
738-2600INSULATOR, 90 DEG STUB INSULATOR, AV640/6202.00
738-2602INSULATOR, 180 DEG STUB INSULATOR, AV640/6201.84
745-2149CABLE TIE, 4, NYLON (04890)0.10
745-2158BCABLE TIE, 7, BLACK0.10
745-3108RING, COUNTERPOISE, AV620/640, SS1.00
745-3109RING, LOADING COIL RADIALS, AV620/640, AL4.40
745-3110SCLAMP, HOSE, SS, #10, 9/16 TO 1-1/4, (358757)1.25
745-3116SCLAMP, HOSE, SS, #16, 11/16 TO 1-1/2 (358758)1.25
758-2764IT, WHIP, ANTENNA, 72 SS, 6405.25
765-1009CAP, PLASTIC, 1/4, BLACK0.16
765-1062CAPLUG 5/8 SC BLACK (450503)0.39
781-1155LABEL,CAN BE KILLED(820176/781-2006)(CUS:290326)0.49
80-AV620-1SA, MATCHING UNIT, MU, AV620/640199.95
804-0620COVER, AV620 MATCHING BOX2.60
810-0620-1BASE TUBE, 1-1/4 X 12 FG ROD, 620/640 (20-AV6408.70
810-0620-14STUB, AL SECTION, 1/4 OD X 48, AV62014.69
810-0620-15STUB, AL, SECTION, 1/4 OD X 72, AV62020.21
810-0620-21TUBE, AL, RADIATOR, 1/4 X 36, AV62010.85
810-0620-5TUBE, AL, BASE, 1-1/2 X 12L, AV620/640/6809.70
810-0620-5ATUBE, AL, BASE, 1-1/2X058X12, AV620/6404.35
810-0620-5BTUBE, AL, BASE, 1-3/8X058X12, AV620/6404.20
810-0640-10PREP FIBERGLASS TUBE, 1 X 42, AV-6407.49
810-0640-16PREP ROD, 3/16 X 19 AL ROD, AV6401.00
810-0640-17PREP ROD, 3/16 X 32 AL ROD, AV6402.52
810-0640-18PREP ROD, 3/16 X 34 AL ROD, AV6402.60
810-0640-19PREP ROD, 3/16 X 57 AL ROD, AV6403.52
810-0640-2PREP TUBE SA, 1-1/2 X 72, AV64025.68
810-0640-20PREP TUBE, 1-1/8 X 12 X .058, AL 60635.23
810-0640-22PREP TUBE, 1-1/8 X 14-1/2 X .058 60635.16
810-0640-23PREP TUBE, 3/4 X 24 X .058, AL 60635.84
810-0640-24PREP ROD, 1/8 X 6 AL ROD, AV6400.72
810-0640-25PREP ROD, 1/8 X 12 AL ROD, AV6400.84
810-0640-26PREP ROD, 1/8 X 24 AL ROD, AV6401.04
810-0640-27PREP ROD, 1/8 X 36 AL ROD, AV6401.24
810-0640-28PREP ROD, 1/8 X 40 AL ROD, AV640/6800.99
810-0640-2ATUBE, RADIATOR, 1-1/2X058X72, OUTSIDE, AV64017.72
810-0640-2BTUBE, PREP, 1-3/8X.058X69, INSERT, AV64018.07
810-0640-3PREP TUBE SA, 1-3/8 X 75, AV64036.11
810-0640-3APREP TUBE, 1-3/8X.058X72, OUTSIDE, AV64017.72
810-0640-3BTUBE, PREP, 1-1/4X.058X74-3/4, INSERT, AV64016.81
810-0640-4PREP TUBE SA, 1-1/4 X 75, AV64033.39
810-0640-4ATUBE, PREP, 1-1/4X.058X72, OUTSIDE, AV64016.81
810-0640-4BTUBE, PREP, 1-1/4X058X75, INSERT, AV64015.00
810-0640-9PREP TUBE, 5/8X035X36, AV6407.19
840-0524IT, PLASTIC BOX, AV620/64010.84
840-AV620PLASTIC BOX, PREP, AV620/6402.67
850-2299EBOX, 275DW,5PF, 7X5-1/4X84-1/2 640/2990/04090712.52
855-0814POLY BAG, 8X14 4MIL0.39
855-0914POLY BAG, 9X14 2 MIL0.21
861-AV620PCB, AV620/640, R1, .062FR4, 1S, 2OZ, ROHS-TIN14.72
873-1400WIRE, TEFLON, STD, 14GA, BLACK2.43
873-1600WIRE, TEFLON, 16GA, STD, BLACK (620195)(092187)1.12
873-1699WIRE, TEFLON, 16GA, STD, WHITE (620194)(092188)1.04
879-0303IT, CABLE, COAX, RGU-303 (600046)5.12
881-40625CTUBE, 5/8X.035W, 6063T832, (114902)1.20
881-50125ROD, AL 1/8DIA, 6061T6 CUS0.56
881-50187ROD, AL, 3/16 ROUND, 6061-T6, HARD ROD, (123085)1.12
888-41000FIBRE GLASS, TUBE, 1 X 8/LG (490044)1.13
888-61250FIBRE GLASS, ROD, 1-1/4, 8/LG13.67
924-AV640BOX LABEL, AV6400.40
925-0006WARRANTY CARD, HY-GAIN (802152)0.17

HY-TOWER, 10/15/20/40/80M, 50FT VERTICAL
$1,099.95 each

$709.95 each

$399.95 each

$179.95 each

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