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Customer Reviews for the TH-2MK3.

From: chris tucker ka7niq
My old friend Jerry replaced a Mosley TA 33 with the little Hy Gain TH-2MK3 antenna. The small size of the little TH-2MK3 allowed us to go up 10 more feet with another tower section without additional guy wires. The little TH-2MK3, up just 10 feet higher smoked the bigger Mosley TA 33 on every band except 10 meters. It was about even there, but front-to-back was better on the TA 33 Mosley. The little TH-2MK3 is a decent performer, and its small size allows for a higher tower, if guy wires are a consideration.

From: Dave Pfeiffer KC9UUN
This antenna works great!
I've been a ham since the 70's, but just recently started in HF.
Since the spring of 2015 I started building my station. Started with Optimized G5RV. It works. Added a 10 to 40 vertical, by another manufacturer, it also works.
I Found a used TH-2MK3 on line. It had been up for many years. Many years. I cleaned up all the aluminum, applied Noalox. Ordered a new stainless steel hardware package, included new posts for the BN-86. They were so rusted there was no way to attach the beta strap. Parts and manual was easy to find and reasonable. Nice to see a product that doesn't go obsolete after a few years. The design works!
I got it up this summer. I thought I knew what HF (10,15 & 20 meter) sounded like till I started using the TH-2MK3. I heard stations that I never knew were out there. If I can hear them, I can talk to them. Barefoot! 100 watts. Directivity is good. Side rejection is great. The SWR is 1.5:1 or less on all bands without a tuner. Usually 1.2:1. The TH-2MK3 raised the bar and set new standard for performance. 90 % of the time if I switch to the other antenna's (G5RV and the vertical) I either can't even hear the station that I am working on the TH-2MK3 or their signals are much less.
I have worked tons of DX. Tons of state side. I even had a strong comment last weekend during the 10 meter contest about how much power I was running. This guy in Washington state was calling CQ. I answered. He said "now there's a strong station". He gave me a 59+10. He asked what I was running. I said a TS-570 and a Hy Gain 2 element tri-bander, the TH-2MK3. He said how much power. I was one of the strongest staions he'd heard. I said barefoot, 100 watts. He said no way. "I know power when I hear it." he said. I insisted 100 watts. I told to look on QRZ at my shack. No amp. He still thinks I was lying. Really, no amp.
The antenna works great. It's up 43 ft fed with RFC-400 (LMR-400).
I remember something I was told when I first started.
He said "your antenna is 90% of your station".

We've had 40 and 50 mph winds lately. No problem.
Check out my QRZ page for photo's of my mini antenna farm.

Dave Pfeiffer, KC9UUN &
Sue Pfeiffer KB9BSK (my YL)
She loves the beam also. Happy YL, happy life!

I just wish there was a 40 or 75 meter add-on kit and or traps for the warc bands.

$349.95 each

HF VERTICAL, 8 BANDS-40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 M
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