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Customer Reviews for the TH-11DX.

From: Mark Tabor KG4PAC
I have been using this antenna now for about 3 weeks on all of its bands and one of the first things asked to me is what are you running?
This antenna was a little time consuming to put togather and get up but well worth it. I like it and have no regrets.

From: Mike Foerster W0IH
I've had my TH11DX for over 8 years now, and it was used when I bought it. It's still in great shape and works WONDERFULLY. Low SWR on all bands, great gain. I can't say that I'm always at to top of the DX pileup, but they usually come back to me within the first few tries (and that's without the amp!). It's up at about 50 feet.
Couple hints on the assembly. First, when assembling the elements, give each a twist to make sure it's tight. Second, make sure that the lengths of each element are within 1/8 inch of the manual settings. I found that when it's at the top of the tower, the SWR readings are very good for all bands. Just take your time with the assembly.
I'm very pleased with the antenna.

From: Orazio IK0OMC
Very good antenna!
The Best gain is on 17 Meters with a great F/B.
Little problems during assembly due to the tubing band clamp, keep attention!! Absolutly do not overtighten!!!
70 feet up from the roof and low SWR all over the 5 bands, I use my quadra amp everytime without any problem! One of the first things asked to me is "what are you running"??
TH11.... great job and good price!!
73 de IK0OMC Orazio ITALY

From: andy mccloud kc8vpq
Hi ham buddies! To start I love this antenna! It is extremely broadbanded and it really gets through the tough pile-ups. I have it pictured on QRZ along with the Hygain Discover-71 40 meter antenna. Both are a big-big-bang for the buck, highly reccommended for you hams that love to DX or even if you just want to talk local and be heard with that said GREAT ANTENNA!! I replaced the M2, KLM 34 and this isno doubt a better antenna! 73s KC8VPQ.

From: andy l mccloud kc8vpq
hi fellow hams i purchased this antenna new from hygain a little over a year ago thank u tom at hygain!! took my time and put it together and the guys at hygain were very helpful. anyway i had a klm 34 up for about 3 years and the th11 dx took its place and i am very very pleased with this antenna really gets thru the pile ups. we recently had 80 mph winds here in ohio and it has survived i have it on rohn 25 g tower and a glenn martin hazer you can view it at qrz, the rotor is the t2 and it held up in the storm as well. if you want a good antenna guys that gets thru the pile ups then this is the antenna for you if you want to be qrp well then go with the others my friends want one too hi hi good job hygain 73s

From: Bill WR0F
I just received 7-31-2015 and installed this TH11DX and have run a few comparisons against its 3 Band brother the TH7DX which we have on our 2nd tower . Yes for 3 years I have wondered why I bought the 3 band beam . The TH11DX has 70 ft extra of extra line loss coax as its on the tower 70 ft from the house .
The antenna at the same height 53 ft as my TH7DX performs very well on 20 15 and 10 meters with super broadband on swrs on all 5 bands. I was listening to a Hawaii net on 20 meters and the TH11DX was a good 2-3 db stronger on receive on 20 meters. Stateside we did not see any difference on either antenna.
When you put this antenna on the mast raise boom support clamp up as high as you can go tighten it up then let the antenna slide down the mast pipe for a nice tight wire support. 103 inch markings on boom was perfect.
What I will tell you if your thinking of buying a TH7DX think about spending the extra money and get the TH11DX as it also has the better balun BN4000 109 dollar option and those 2 extra bands well worth the difference.
I received mine with 2 trap covers that were cracked. Hopefully HYGAIN will send those out to me and I used scotch 33 tape as a quick repair so we could get it up in the air while I was on vacation. My tower has antenna lift so we can easily bring it down for the replacement of those 2 covers.

I give the antenna a solid 10 out of 10 as it was exceeded my expectations .

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HY-TOWER, 10/15/20/40/80M, 50FT VERTICAL
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