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Customer Reviews for the SPT-500.

From: Lumberjack KBOL3099
Tried one of these antennas, performed well. Very satisfied with the
craftsmanship. The only complaint I have is the swr will go up as
the antenna gets wet. Found the problem to be the plastic mast
insulator conducts as it gets wet. Maybe a different design or
material would cure this problem? Any ideas?

From: Greg
Had one back in the 1970's. Like the stainless steel hardware.
Fit and function is very good. Performs better than the 1970's model.
The only problem was it was missing a #4 clamp. Local hardware store took care of that.

From: Barry KB3TSS
I had one back in the 70's and it was the best ground plane I ever used. Was looking for a 10m vertical to work all the local stations I can't work with the tri-bander. A perfect solution! This antenna works every bit as well as I remember. They got the design right the first time! Very good materials, should hold up well to the wind and weather in my area.

From: Al Kb6mas
Wonderful antenna, performs very well. I mounted it at 18 feet and I can barely believe all the DX and all the excellent reports. I had something like it in the 70s that seemed to be a bit more wide banded. So I adjusted this one for center of 10 meters and love the performance and great signal reports! It's made ten meters a really spectacular band clear rx and tx. 40 and maybe 20 had been my favorite but now 10 is becoming my main interest even 10 meter AM is great fun! I Set it slightly shorter than the instructions stated and have been very happy.

From: Gerald Delbridge KI4GFG
This hygain penetrator is an awesome antenna. I use this on 10 meters and 11 meters. I just wish it was a little bit more broad banded. Thank you hygain for bringing this back from the 70's. This is really an awesome part of history.

From: Jim Verge N1PTA
I also had one of the original Hy-Gain Super Penetrators back in the late 1970's and into the 1990's. My new SPT-500 works just as well as those old antennas. The SPT-500 is without a doubt, the best performing omni-directional ground antenna that any money can buy! You can pay more but no ground plane antenna can outperform this tried and true old school technology. My only issue is that I get strong wind gusts here at 600 feet above sea level with a 100 acre corn field to my Southwest and my top section has bent twice in 60 mph wind. I have not experienced any major Standing Wave Ratio changes when it rains. I go from a 1.2:1 when dry to a 1.4:1 in the rain at 200 watts output. All in all, it's still Penetrating and I talk to other operators via ground wave conditions 100 miles away using these same SPT-500 antennas. It's fun talking to operators that far away using the same antenna. N1PTA

From: Stan Kacey GoldCoast2
OK, short but sweet;

I've tried eleventeen trillion base antennas and nothing can touch the Penetrator for performance, cost effectiveness and aesthetics.

I've tried Maco, Avanti, Tagra, Sirio, Antenna Specialists, and everything from an AstroPlane to an all 6061-T6 Taylor Grand-Slammer GLR-4 back when they were made in 1974, and I still have the Penetrator. The rest are HISTORY! Gone, baby GONE!

Make it 22' 8" total height and you'll love it! Designed to be strong & well built, don't waste your money on some fiberglass or european abortion.

Odd how such an incredible multi-decade performer is becoming almost a best-kept secret...???

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HY-TOWER, 10/15/20/40/80M, 50FT VERTICAL
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