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Customer Reviews for the AV-640.

From: Jim Lommel KD8GYO
I recently installed a Hy-Gain AV 640 vertical and would like to tell you that it performs very well. The construction of this antenna is excellent and the assembly manual was clear and easy to follow. I found the tuning charts to be dead on and that the bandwidth for each band is equal to or better than the specifications. I expect to get many years of enjoyment from your product.

Wishing you continued success

From: Danny Branderhorst PD2DSB
Hello to all Ham-Radio amateurs, I have installed my Hygain AV-640 with much success. It's a great antenna, see nice pictures on the site www.db-communications.nl

Thanks to Hygain for the good results of building this HF-Vertical.

73' from the Netherlands.

From: Jan Cronje ZS6JJC
Hi! I installed mine about 1 year ago. SWR was high on all bands -especially 40M it would not resonate even with the MFJ-962D running flat-out. A friend suggested I do a continuity test - which revealed that the plastic film on the inside of one of the parallel coil connecting plates was not removed? After removing it, the antenna performend excellent on all bands. Did some great DX with JAPAN on 40m running 90W SSB phone. In a severe storm(100 km/h winds), the antenna survived undamaged with no guy ropes, but the ssteel u-bolts supporting the mast had sheared! Good value - just focus during assembly.

From: Joe Frohwittter N4AAM
Just wanted to say how great the AV-640 has been working. I put it up on Thursday and the weather tore it down on Friday. Took a few bends out of the elements and put it back up on Saturday. It works great! If I can hear the station I have been able to work it. I would recommend to any other ham. 73

From: Bob LaCursia K9SKY
I've had this antenna up and running for 11 years and it's working as well as the day I installed it (with absolutely no maintenance). It's an excellent antenna. It was the first antenna I ever assembled which was straight forward. I've worked all over the world getting legitimate 59's on a regular basis.
I highly recommend this antenna!

From: Patricia Wilson WB8DXX
I have now owned the AV-640 for nearly 10 years. It has survived several Michigan winters, a move to Arizona and now several AZ summer thunderstorms. One nearby hit literally blew the cover off the matchbox and fried the foil on the PC board in the matchbox. With the exception of the intentional fused RF choke none of the internal electronics was damaged. The rest of the antenna was unscathed.

I have operated this antenna with an IC-746 on the untuned output with no problems on all bands. It is now performing well with an FT-100D.

BTW, it also finds sweet spots on 2m and 70cm, well enough to make it into the local repeaters. Far and away the best vertical I have ever owned.

From: Martin DL6KMR
Dear all,

Since my space around the house is limited, I decided to install the Hygain AV-640 vertical. The first test was quite a success since I immediately worked a couple of DX stations on 20 Meters in the carribean and south america, which I had never heard before! My reports have been 5/9plus (100 Watt TS590S).

I was really suprised that I immediately hit all resonance points. The SWR on 40 Meters goes down to 1 right in the middle of the 40 Meter band. Now I can easily work with full power on 40 Meters using a linear.

I uninstalled the antenna until the lightning protection is added to the installation. I am looking forward to using this antenna!

best 73, Martin DL6KMT

From: Camillo iz6gvc
For my modest opinion this vertical is one of the best multiband all round antenna!

73s! IZ6GVC

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9-BAND HF VERT ANT, 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6M
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