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Customer Reviews for the AV-18VS.

From: Jack NP2OR
I bought this antenna because it is a multi-band unit, it takes up little space, and I need an antenna that is easy to install on a rented house. I was going to install it on the ground, but decided instead to mount it on plastic pipe running up the outside of the house. My radial system is not regulation, runs mostly towards one side. But I am working Slovenia and Belgium from the Virgin Islands on under 100 watts. All in all, I recommend this antenna. I first powered up on 40 meters without tuning the coil, just using a tuner inside the shack. It worked very well. When I tuned the coil on the antenna it works a little better. I like this set up - simple, easy to install, decent performance, very affordable.

From: Ken R Miller K6WGX
The antenna itself is good, the instructions are a little weak but can be figured out easily enough. You will need to cut your coax feed and install terminal lugs for connection, this does not have a standard screw on coax connector. The coil connection 'seems' a little gimmicky but is functional.

As a quick test I tuned this antenna to 30 meters JT9 and used the reverse beacon network for signal reports. As compared to my NVIS 30 meter dipole I hit the east coast, from California with signal strength reports within about 1 db of the dipole. I only had one temporary ground radial on the AV-18VS, so it only gets better from here. The RX on this was a little better than my dipole. For the price and performance, I am happy. I live in an area where erecting a dipole at the proper height on 30 and 40 meters just cannot be done. This antenna solves that problem for me.

Main problem I see is the instructions are weak!! not detailed enough,such as "how far does one slide each section into the other section." It can be figured out but shouldn't have to be.David/Ka4zuc

From: Kyle Bryant K6QQQ
The antenna kit arrived with two parts missing. Getting replacements parts from MFJ took quite a while awhile. And one of the replacement parts didn't match the drawing in the instructions. I don't recommend filling out their online help form. Call them instead. The printed instructions are poor -- both typo and content errors. Technical drawings could be more accurate too. I finally put the instructions aside and just used common sense. Had left over nuts and bolts -- an odd collection. Hate that but the antenna went together well -- finally. I did not tap the coil. Instead the antenna is connected to my transceiver via external automatic antenna tuner. I get less than 1.3:1 SWR on 80, 40, 30 and 20 meters. On 17, 15, 12 and 10 and SWR is 1:6:1. General construction is a bit flimsy. I intend to guy it about halfway up to give it better protection from high winds. Overall performance seems to be extremely satisfactory. Perhaps helping the performance is my radial plate and 40 24-ft. radials with a good earth ground system. For such an inexpensive vertical, I am very pleased with it.

From: Kyle Bryant K6QQQ
Follow up...I increased the number of radials to 72. Re-adjusted the position of the coil. SWR on all bands including WARC bands is great

HY-TOWER, 10/15/20/40/80M, 50FT VERTICAL
$999.95 each

HF VERTICAL, 8 BANDS-40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 M
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9-BAND HF VERT ANT, 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6M
$549.95 each

$369.95 each

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