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Customer Reviews for the AV-18HTJR.

From: Tom Weedon WA8WAA
I would like to know why you don't aggressively market your AV-18HTJR Vertical antenna? I bought one last September and installed it quickly with a few radials. Results not too good, but before the snow came by November, I was able to get 60, 50-foot radials down and boy, what a difference. I worked 80, 40, and 20 mtrs with it all winter long, and on 80 and 40, the antenna beats all the dipoles and inverted V's. I worked Europe many times on 80 mtrs phone. By the end of March, I installed another 30 radials for a total of 90 (50ft each) radials; and WOW, the antenna behaves even better. Running just 100 watts (TS-940SAT) only, I can basically work anything I can hear. Further, did you know that it loads up on 17 mtrs with an SWR of 1.2:1. Not bad, huh?

From: Wes Cosand WZ7I
I do not understand why there are not many reviews of this antenna. It seems to me to be an excellent solution to the average ham’s multi-band vertical antenna requirements.

Of course, it does require radials and it is not exactly unobtrusive, but if you can put up with those issues, it is difficult to understand how you could get markedly better performance from a multi-band vertical.

It has full size ¼ wavelength elements on 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters with “cage loading” on the 80 meter wire. The elements are stub-decoupled. The 10 meter element is elevated. Consequently there are no traps or compromised electrical components to reduce efficiency or limit transmit power. The performance characteristics of ¼ wavelength verticals are well understood and hard to surpass in the HF environment. The only variable in its performance is the quality of the radial field and the conductivity of your soil.

Surely, there are physical design compromises that I could “nit-pick” and HyGain could improve the photographs and the instructions but it was fun to put together. Since the design is easy to understand, it is not difficult to figure out how to tune it or to diagnose and repair problems if they should occur. It is strong enough that I am satisfied it won’t be damaged by weather unless the conditions are very extreme.

I am happy with the product and the value it represents. I have four of the larger HyTower antennas in a 4-square array but this antenna is similar electrically and certainly easier to install. A contractor did the 4-square installation but I easily installed this smaller antenna with some help from my wife.

$299.95 each

HY-TOWER, 10/15/20/40/80M, 50FT VERTICAL
$999.95 each

9-BAND HF VERT ANT, 80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6M
$549.95 each

$349.95 each

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