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Customer Reviews for the AV-18HT.

From: Frank Wolfe NM7R
I bought my Hygain Hytower used in 1983. It has decorated my yard, here on the coast of Washington State since then. Instead of radials, I chose to install six (6) 8-foot ground rods around the concrete base for a ground system. The earth here at the beach is sandy and moist all year round, with a water table never farther than a couple of feet below ground level. The antenna has performed wonderfully all this time, surviving winds over 100-mph about every second or third year.

I was lamenting that I had no antenna for 12, 17 and 30-meters, and recently ran an SWR plot for these bands, just to check. Thirty is still not usable, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that 12-meters loads with an SWR of 1.7, and 17-meters at 1.3. Although SWR is not the whole story for antenna performance, I recently worked E51WWB in the North Cook Islands on 17-meters with 100-watts for a 59 report both ways.

Thanks for building such a rugged, reliable, great performing antenna.

73, Frank, NM7R
Nahcotta, WA

From: randy kj4jc
Great antenna for a small package!

From: Jack Morrison Wa0rzn
The av-18ht ,was my only antenna,for 32yrs. I repeat 32 yrs of service. We over the years have had winds upward of 65-mph plus. Finally, the top 80m. Radiator had enough! It was bent to whereby causing a small slit like in it. It was not feasible unfortunately to Repair it. Bottom line: this is the best antenna ever designed, and manufactured by hy-gain!! I Sure miss you "big guy". 73's to all.

From: Patrick NJ5G
I have had my Hy-Tower (AV-18HT) up for 5 years in Tornado alley (central Oklahoma) and it is my primary antenna. I did design, fabricate, and install a custom mount to erect it on top of an all metal barn. I have no radials just the metal barn as counterpoise and it works very well indeed. Rather than having to tie in a large portion of the roof structure I elected to guy the antenna at the 24 ft point which is the top of the triangular tower portion. I used Phillystran for the guys. To lower the antenna for tuning I just drop the west side guy and lay it down on top of the roof ridge.

As I am in my 70's I built a simple lowering fixture that uses a small inexpensive hand winch from Harbor Freight to make single handed lowering and raising really easy. I have the 160 meter kit but haven't installed it yet. My 160m kit is not the one with a coil but the one with a 40m trap and a long piece of wire to be attached at the 24 ft level (top of the triangular tower section.

You can view my installation on my QRZ.com page. 73 all!

The link in the AV-18HT description has changed to:


ex: WA7QJY

From: Richard W4VEP
My hy-tower was originally purchased by my dad about 1972, and installed at his home. Following his death in 1993, I took it down and installed it at my QTH for about 20 years. Following the recent building of a new home, I moved it again, and set it at the new QTH. It has recently received a coating of Polane-T and is looking very good. My swr is no more than 1.6:1 and any of the 5 bands, and I have been working Europe the last few days. It has been great that whatever base parts I needed to support the relocation have been readily available at a minimal price. A great antenna!!

From: Keith Myers KD8FLT
Installation of antenna is time consuming. Two person stand up is difficult. Used come-a-long to stand up antenna. Some bracket holes were tight so I reamed out. Bracket placement for stub was incorrect in manual but I was able to place them properly for tuning. 15 meter stub is only one I had to retune. Ordered 17 meter stub which I did not get. Did not ship with antenna. Antenna performs well. It is pricey and you should expect to add $500.00 more for concrete and ground rods and wire for grounding and radials. I am going to add 120 radials. Wear gloves antenna mast has sharp edges.

HY-TOWER, 10/15/20/40/80M, 50FT VERTICAL
$999.95 each

$349.95 each

HF VERTICAL, 8 BANDS-40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 M
$449.95 each

$599.95 each

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